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Hello, Nashville!

Hi there! Although I am not "brand new" to Nashville, the blog portion of my business is "brand new". So I thought what better way to use this space than to share inspiration, love stories, laughs, cries, and everything in between. This is just a small facit of my life and my business where I can share the moments that make me tear up ( and also to share the inspirational things that make me say "This is amazing! My brides need to see this!"

If you are new to Adriel Nutter Events, WELCOME! I'm so happy you're here! And so we can officially call ourselves friends, here is a little about me.

Name: Adriel
From: Austin, Texas
Currently Loving: Nashville, Tennessee
Family: Husband - Neal; Two Crazy Kids - Jack & Ella
Education: Bachelors in Public Relations and Marketing (I have always known events would be my thing!) And  a fun little fact: I have a         Masters in Education
Experience: I have been in the wedding industry, at different capacities, for 5 years. I like to laugh that I have worked almost every angle of weddings from busing tables to "running the show". I love to think about all of those not-so-pretty parts I have played. I think it has really humbled me and allowed me to form great relationships with vendors filling those very same shoes.
Personality: I am an easy going perfectionist (is there such a thing?)

Most important lessons I have learned about weddings:
 1. Allow someone someone to handle the little things ("What table should be put the buffet plates on?"), so you can enjoy the big things (taking time to relax and enjoy getting your hair and makeup done with your best friends and family). 
2. Less is not always more. There are so many options when choosing the vendors for your wedding day. Every vendor's price reflects how much they value their work and your time. If you pay less, you usually get less.  
 3. Smile and breath. No matter what happens, you will waking up tomorrow wishing you could do it all over again. 

Style: Every single thing that is neutral, simple, sleek and clean. I adore weddings that are full of natural colors, especially white. Even though I got married before Pinterest even existed, I know what and natural (bohemian-ish, if you will) would always be my niche. My next love is candlelight. Nothing beats a romantic, candlelit ceremony or  reception. 

Here's a little slice of my amazing day: 



There isn't a day that goes by that my heart doesn't skip a beat at the sight of my husband and I love being a small part of that type of love at each wedding I am blessed to be a part of. 

Venue: Oglebay Resort   |   Photographer: Milla C Photography





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