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Everyone could use the help of a wedding planner, but not everyone has the budget for it.

We get it and we want to make our experience and knowledge accessible to you!

What is “Virtual Planning”?

Virtual Planning is perfect for the bride + groom that are on a budget but want the guidance and support of a wedding planner to ease the wedding planning process. Virtual Planning is done through video conference calls where I can share my computer screen with you so you can see documents, we can review items together, and so much more. It’s like meeting in person but all through the magic of the internet and from your living room.

How it works:

Once a month, one hour video conference calls with your Planner where can ask any and all questions. It’s like sitting with down for coffee with your planner, from your home!

Worried about creating a cohesive and beautiful design?

We can work together to create a beautiful design board to fit your budget.

Not sure how to allocate your money to get the most out of your budget?

We can create a detailed budget tailored specifically to you.

Not sure how to create a day-of timeline that runs perfectly smooth start to finish?

We can create one! (P.S. Your vendors are going to ask for one!)

Getting married in Nashville and need vendor recommendations to match your budget?

We can totally provide lots of those!

Just need an extra set of eyes to look over everything you have/are planning to make sure you didn’t miss anything (so important!)?

We can do that too!

What we provide:

What we provide is dependent on what you need/want, how many virtual planning calls you would like to have and what you would like help with!

There is no minimum amount of calls, you can book as you need them or purchase a set amount (at a discounted rate!). We can walk you through the whole process so your mind is at ease on your wedding day or just help you iron out the final details.

We know that you have a lot on your plate. We know that Wedding Planning can feel like a lot of moving parts, because it is. We’re taking years of experience, and sharing it with you to make your wedding planning process as seamless as possible.

Interested in having a Virtual Wedding Planner guide you through the process?

We would love to tell you more about it!

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